Thursday, July 24, 2008


                Rough day?

            Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.  It was fucking Cloudmaster.

            Jesus.  He still pulling that fake Russian accent thing?

            I guess.  I really didn’t stick around long enough to get an earful.

            So, you just let him loose?

            Can I eat?  I didn’t want to talk about it!

            Honey, I know Cloudmaster’s a lightweight when it comes to the Freedom Committee’s rogues gallery, but you can’t just ignore him.  He’s willing to hurt somebody.

            Don’t know think I know that?

            Yes!  Of course you do.

            I left a couple of kids to take care of him.  It’s fine!

            Kids?  What kids?  Which kids?

            I don’t know.  Red Razor’s sidekick and some other little asshole.

            Are you serious?

            They’re reserve Committee members!

            Kid Razor’s 12 years old!  13, tops!

            Well, nobody else was showing up!  I put the call out!  What else was I supposed to do?

            Kick the shit out of Cloudmaster!  That’s your job!

            How the fuck am I supposed to kick the shit out of a guy who floats around in an automated cloud?  Huh?  You tell me that!

            I don’t know, Jerry.  That’s what you’re supposed to figure out.

            You’re right.  You’re right!  I’ll just go back out there . . .

            Well, no!  Wait!  Finish your lasagna!  Jesus!

            Goddammit, Liz!  What the fuck?  You want me to go back out there, but you want me to eat here!  How am I supposed to do that?

            Settle down!  Remember your blood pressure!

            You treat me like such a child sometimes.  I thought you’d be happy that I made it home – on time, might I add – for lasagna night!

             I am, Jerry.  I really am.  Finish your lasagna.

            God, why do we do this?

            It’s not even a fight, Jerry.  Really!

            Why do we dress up like kids on Halloween and beat the snot out of idiots who are just as stupid as us?

            Ugh!  That again.

            Yes, “that again!”  It’s a valid question, Liz!

            Jerry, I’m serious.  Finish the fucking lasagna.

            Yes, dear.



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