Saturday, August 9, 2008


i tried to finish the episode of the show in peace.
it had been a long week, and the weekened was almost over. i know that it's sad, but all i could ever think about on saturday night was how much i didn't want to go work on monday.
but saturday night was alway the same: i watched my show and tried to chill out.
that didn't happen this time. the cable box kept blinking out.
they had claimed that the new and improved boxes would change our lives, but they didn't they were only changing them because one company had bought out the other, and now i had to suffer when the box decided that it would rather turn itself off than to let me have my one moments peace.
so, i didn't get to see my show. i saw the first ten minutes, and the last three. then it was over. sometimes, i guess- i don't know. i really don't want to go to work monday.


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