Thursday, August 7, 2008


Closely Watched Trains is one of those bands that is hard to describe.  And not in the way that a teenager’s garage band tells you that it’s impossible to categorize their sound.  Closely Watched Trains is the musical territory between The Bee Gees’ “Cucumber Castle” and Slayer’s “South of Heaven.”  They are the missing link, as if hardcore stayed interesting.  They’re Glenn Branca’s guitar symphonies played in a blender.  If DEVO had a kid, that kid would get beaten up and sodomized by Closely Watched Trains’ kid on the playground.  At times, the music lets up and you’re actually able to hear the retarded, rambling lyrics.  But not clearly.  If Closely Watched Trains lyrics are a road map, we’re all lost.  Closely Watched Trains will never be understood, lyrically or musically.  At least I hope they never will be.



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