Monday, August 18, 2008


          Derelicts roamed the streets.  And not just in the bad parts of town.  Several houses in prominent neighborhoods were hit pretty hard.  Mostly with toilet paper.  And even worse?  Two-ply.  The Brentwood area, for example, looked like something out of an 80’s Brat Pack movie.  That tacked-on scene where some outrageous party is going on?  That’s what all of Brentwood looked like.

            If the derelicts weren’t ‘rolling’ yards, they were performing an even more despicable act.  The dreaded ‘Perils of Damocles,’ where a swarm of them would encircle a car and give it a buff job with bare asses.  Then they would try to ask for payment from the driver.  And they only took Discover card.

            All of the derelicts were soon apprehended, but not before half of the houses were rolled and a quarter of the cars had been ass-waxed.

            My childhood world of orange sweet pies and watching girls gymnastics on cable were over.



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