Friday, August 15, 2008


                                          Hey, it’s Larry Deerdorfe.  Need your approval and signature on this stuff before we can move forward on any of it.  Good news is we’ve got final approval from clients on most of the shit I talked to you about last week.
            ‘Kay, so on the ‘go list’ – the shit I need your approval on – ummmmm, what am I looking at here?  Oh, toothbrushes.  Prexx signed off on your likeness, not just the insignia.  Underoos people have a cartoony version of your uniform ready to push through.  Oh, and Fat Taco Pizza okayed the idea of the Killjoy weapons for their kids meals, but they had a little problem with your ‘Gut-Splitter.’  I don’t know.  I’m thinking make it more kid-friendly or just change the name.  Soften it, you know?So, those are ready to go out the door.  On the ‘maybe list,’ we got the animated series on the table.  Every member of the Freedom Committee is a whore, so of course they agreed.  But ADDTV won’t commit unless you’re involved.  Now, I told them we won’t move forward unless it’s called “The Killjoy / Freedom Committee Adventures.”  I know!  I know!  You were never on the Goddamned team, but we did market research and the public tends to believe that all you guys are all lovey-dovey, so let’s take a look at it when you come into the office and sign this shit off, okay?
            Alright, that’s it!  Come in soon, bud.  Okay?  Oooookay.  See you soon.
            Oh, if I’m not in, Geneva’s got the paperwork.  



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