Wednesday, August 13, 2008


the first version didn't work.
he didn't have scissors for hands, he just had regular hands. but the regular hands were boring. the story faltered. Anthony Michael Hall called bullshit, told the cast to take a week off, and started o rewrite the script.
during that week, he hit his wife and she left. his son fell from the roof trying to fly with an umbrella and a towel for a cape.
his daughter was attacked in the park by a man trying to sell fraudulent cancer medication- but he trucked on. he wrote until he started heroin again. he wrote until he needed prostitutes to blow him underneath the office desk. he workes until he lost his hair.
at the end of the week, he had finnished the rewrite. he assembled the cast, slapped the director across the facde, and the filming began.
the film was Analyze That. and it su-UCKED!


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