Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beadtime Stories

    Johnny jumped into the bed and quickly scrambled under the covers. He turned to his father as he entered the room. “Dad,” Johnny said, “I want a story!”

    His dad said, “What type of story do you want? Funny? Sad? Action and Adventure? Or, how about a story with kisses in it?”

    “Ewww Gross! No kisses.  I want a scary story!”

    “Mom got mad at us the last time we had a scary story. We both wound up in her bed.”
    “But, you are suppose to be in her bed!”

    “I know,” Dad said, “But you weren’t.”

    “Please. I promise that I won’t come get in bed with you and Mom.”

    “Ok I think I have one that is scary, but will keep you in your bed tonight.” His dad removed his glasses and looked directly into his son’s eyes and began.

    “One day John you will grow up. You will go to college. You will go out into the real word and find a job. You will find a lovely girl, and you will marry her. The two of you will have children. You will lose hair on top of your head. The hair that is left will go gray. These children will grow up go to school and move out. Johnny do you know what you will be once your children grow up and move out?”

    “I don’t know, Dad. This doesn’t seem like a scary story.”

    “Just lay there and think about it. Trust me it will freak you out soon enough. I love you, son.”

    “I love you, Dad” As Johnny drifted off to sleep he thought of what his Dad said. As he drifted off to sleep he thought, “Nope not scary yet.”




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