Friday, August 24, 2007


Ok, here is the deal. I am a writer.

    Well, I try. I use to write short fiction in college. I got out of practice after my one semester of creative writing.  I eventually met this writer guy, and we did some movies. I read this quote from Ray Bradbury that said the only way to be a better writer is to write daily. He said that if you wrote a short story every day for one year you would have 365 stories, and it is impossible to write 365 bad stories. We decided to take this as a challenge. How many stories can we write that are actually good?

Question, would nonfiction count in our little challenge? See if I tell a true story does it count? It’s a story, granted a true story.

I have a little problem. I haven’t told anybody this before, but I hear voices. Nothing like demon voices telling me to kill babies. They are more like suggestions. Really nothing violent, they tell me to drop things. We have these trays full of brackets, you know the things we put on teeth, at work. Did I mention I work for an orthodontist? These trays have several hundred brackets. I have these urges to drop these trays. It would take HOURS to pick them up and organize them correctly. I think of this and I laugh and laugh. 

    This happens more and more frequently now a days. I would ask if you thought I should worry about it, but I wouldn’t listen. I enjoy it. It gives me something to laugh about. I hope it doesn’t get worse, or would that be better?



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