Thursday, August 23, 2007


We trapped the blind people in a burning abattoir just to see if they could find their way out.

We broke the backs of the retards and wondered if they had the where-with-all or common sense to beg us to shoot them.

We took all the faggots we could find, cut off their dicks and sewed spiky steel shafts on them using their nerve endings to see if they would get the irony.

We shoved heroin addicts into school buses filled with dope and drove them off cliffs.

We encased the libraries in cement, along with the books and librarians, to keep knowledge to a minimum.

We made all the wetbacks do a Mexican hat dance on the killing floor.

We tested the children while they were hooked up to electrodes so that, eventually, their answers would agree with ours.

We filled the coalmines with deaf people and flooded them with blinding light before we flooded them with water.

We stuffed so much seamen into the prostitutes that it eventually came out of every single pore.

We dropped cripples off buildings into vats filled with the billions of metal shavings from the remnants of their wheelchairs.

We crammed a semi full of newborns and crashed it, full speed, into another semi full of newborns.

We force-fed all the drunks pure grain alcohol through I.V.s and made them dance for more.

We starved the dogs and set them free on themselves.

We broke one leg of each horse and whipped them around the racetrack until it just wasn’t funny anymore.

We created a TV show called “Blun-Gen-Jun” where the actors spoke indecipherable gibberish and watched the ratings soar as the audiences got driven mad trying to figure out what language it was.

We slipped granulated glass into the water supply.

We buried all the clocks and made time an even more abstract concept.

We embedded razor blades into the soles of the waitresses’ feet and still only paid them $2.12 an hour.

We made BetaMax the industry standard once again.

And we did it all to keep America beautiful.




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