Friday, August 31, 2007

South Korea(354)

All that they ever wanted was a baby, but they couldn’t become pregnant. They had heard that the man at the end of their street, the man in the huge house, could help them. Now, they’d decided to visit him. They made their way up to the mansion, and knocked at the door. An old man answered, and smiled at them. “Are you here for a child?’ he asked. They nodded. He led them into a room and sat them down.

“I have been making children for the childless for many years.” The old man started, “But I have to tell you that you will be the last to receive this gift.”

The young couple smiled.

“I must also warn you that all I have left to make is a baby with a big head.” The old man said, and sipped his tea.

“How big?” the young man asked.

“Very big.” The old man replied. “His head is larger than his body, and he will need to be carried constantly. He will never grow up. He will always be your baby- your baby with the gig head.”

“Sometimes, he will latch onto your head with his oversized mouth, and he’ll be able to control your thoughts and actions.”

“He will smell not bad- but not good.’

The couple looked at each other for a moment, then back at the old man. They nodded.

“Good” the old man said. “You passed the test. You may have the most perfect baby I will ever create.”

And he did.

And they did.



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