Friday, September 28, 2007


Suzy reaches for a scalpel. Even though she is only six. She handles the tool with ease.
    Due to increases in technology and parent’s deep pockets she is at an advantage.
    At the age of three, Suzy had a lifetime of knowledge uploaded to her brain. She has spent the last three years of her life practicing the hand movements she would need to save lives.
    Years ago scientists found that when all the knowledge is transferred the little children couldn’t cope with all the stress.  They usually snapped mid-surgery plunging a scalpel deep into some organ that couldn’t take that kind of abuse.
    Suzy is different, she has the knowledge, but scientists have found a way to eliminate the stress. They make it appear as a game.
    Next time you are going under the knife remember those surgeons are getting younger, but no worries they are just playing around in there.


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