Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We have a WHAT

    “We have a WHAT?” the irate Captain asked?

    “You have a kitten infestation,” the inspector said.

    The pirate captain wanted to sell his ship. He had a buyer and the buyer was motivated. As is standard procedure for selling a used pirate ship, he had an inspection ordered to determine if any repairs needed to be completed before the sale was final.
    A kitten infestation isn’t the worse thing that could have been found, but they are the most difficult remove. Depending on the level of infestation they can be removed one by one, but the inspector told the Captain his was a level five infestation.

    “A level five infestation is usually so rampant that it can’t go unnoticed. Since you haven’t noticed it must have just barely broke a five,” the inspector said.

    The Captain slapped his forehead and paced back and forth across his quarters. A soft meow came out from under his bunk. “AGGGHHHHH! What do I do?”

    “Well we could get an exterminator out here to gas the ship, but then you do have to worry about finding all of them and tossing them overboard.”

    “Can’t do that. Its too messy and time consuming. Wait! I know.

Two hours later a sign was on the bow of the ship it read: Furry Ship Fun Times Ahead.


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