Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Edward D. Studamire

Name: Edward D.  Studamire

Alias: Mr. Roboto

Background Information: Studamire has a strong background in robotics. The majority of his formal education is from Blott State Community College were he received his associates degree. He was expelled from Harvard’s robotics department for reprogramming a swarm of micro robots to attack a professor who belittled and made fun of him in class.
    After his expulsion from school, he executed a string of bank robberies using micro robots to make copies of keys and access codes. The money was filtered from one bank into multiple accounts at different banks.  His money laundering robots were so adept at their job they were not discovered for fifteen years. All the while, Studamire held a normal job using the filtered money to expand his robotics research in his spare time.
    Studamire used his micro robots to attack the IRS, the New York Stock Exchange, Def Jam Records headquarters, and several Fox affiliate stations.

Current Status: Assumed alive. Location unknown. 


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