Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oswalt Applesworth

Oswalt Applesworth was a normal man. He was normal man who was a little shorter than average, but normal nonetheless.  He worked at a midlevel bank, in a suburb of a rather large city. Not large by New York or L.A. standards, but comparable to Atlanta or St. Louis. Oswalt, or Mr. Applesworth, as he was known to everyone, but his closest of friends and family, was a little thin on top and wore glasses.
He was a mortgage banker. He helped people get into new houses, helped them find the best interest rate, and he wrote a finical blog that was partially hosted and subsidized by his bank. What people didn’t know was that he was quite the adept hacker. He would find ways to up peoples’ credit rates. The media found out about it. They didn’t find out about him. They did find out about someone fixing people’s horrible credit. Oswalt didn’t do it for the credit. He did it because he knew some people deserved a second chance.


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