Friday, February 29, 2008


Pit-Oolong Garn, death-dealer, bringer of life, contrarian.  He/she is all things to this planet.  With one breath, he/she spat up a corner of this galaxy, perhaps all galaxies as far as we know.  Chirl-Bevin, planet of criminality.  Chirl-Hexus, planet of soul matter.  Chirl-Toolong, planet of so-called lesser gods.  Chirl-Zeno, planet of smoke.  Chirl-Anoxis, planet of children.  All these and many more uncharted Chirl planets were created from a whim.  But these five are the ones on which you will be tested.  Throughout the coming months and years – it is written in the Great Dar-Julos – you will shed your flesh of disbelief and become what is known the wide-stretching Lusion over.  The Hyron-Garn-Systolis, the greatest of the Systolis race who will, by her stripping of this husk, bring about a new kingdom to this galaxy.  A fist cloaked in tattered rags is as strong as one clad in stone.



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