Wednesday, February 27, 2008


the signs warned that the amusement park was closed, but my father kept driving. my brother and i were both scared and excited all at once. it seemed very possible that our old man was going to break into the park and let us ride all the stuff by ourselves, just like we'd heard michael jackson would occasionally do.
as we got closer to the main gate, it began to rain. lightening struck somewhere inside the park, and we could hear the metal it hit vibrating along with the sound of the idling engine and raindrops.

"Get out of the car" he said, never looking back at us.
"It's Raining!" we both said in unison. "We want to go h-"

"Get the fuck out of the car and walk up to the gat!. I'm not playing."

slowly, and in tears, my brother and i got out of the car. as we slowly approached the gate, it began to open.

dady didn't leave until the gate had slammed behind us.


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