Monday, February 25, 2008

round on the ends, high in the middle (178)

Love TKO played in the background.
i sat at the bar and listened to the song, and over that, the chatter/whitenoise of the people that were still around pre-last call.
i waited there for my contact to arrive and give me thee word of how to play the next leg of the race.
there was a chance that i'd made a mistake getting involved with these people.
shit, i knew it was a mistake, but the money- the money tasted great.

Six Months on a Leaky Boat played in the background as i waited outside the brightly lit children's diner- the kind of place full of video games and animatronic animal's that danced for you on your birthday.
i gave pause, and turned to see where the song was coming from. someone was enjoying the oldies station, that's for sure. the song turned into a strained, pitched-up ghost of it's former self as the car got farther away from me.
i used to love that song, but i'd not heard it in at least twenty years until just this moment.

Jocko Homo. I'd always thought that it was called We are Devo. i was wrong.
it was cold for this time of year. i waited in the park for just over an hour before the lady sat next to me and slipped me the package.

i'm going to ohio


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