Friday, February 22, 2008


i was in my normal place of employment, but it looked different.
the place was cramped, and it had an odd look as if it were sepia toned of if the lights had been moved and wattage switched.
It was an extremely busy time there and as i made my way through the mob of customers, i heard her call me. i hadn't heard that voice in years.
what i saw when i turned to look frightened and surprised me.
i had not figured out that i was dreaming yet, so i was really disturbed yet happy as well- there she was.
she was in traction. she was covered in scars and bandages and strange braces and hardware from a cronenberg nightmare. she started to talk- i believe she asked me if i was alright, but the sight of her like that shocked me so, it shocked me right out of the dream.
i was tempted to try and contact her to ask her if she was alright, but i was too afraid to let her back into my brain.
she'd always been more trouble than she was worth...


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