Monday, February 18, 2008

Kite Chasing

Timmy and Jonas ran through the field chasing their kite.

Father had given the kite to Jonas, because he knew that Jonas would share with his brother. The two had flown the kite for hours near the Cliffs of Pestilence. The Cliffs were close to a mile above the ocean below, and the boys were careful to not get too close to the cliff’s edge.

The wind caught the kite, and pushed it further inland down to the ground. Just as the boys stooped to retrieve the fallen kite, a giant ZR-53 Flying Dirigible Battle Station shot up over the cliff. Its shadow chased the boys across the field.

Timmy called out to Jonas, his voice barely made it to Jonas’ ears over the noise of the giant props that helped push the ZR-53 across the sky, “Jonas, I want to pilot one of those one day!”

“Me too!” Jonas called back. They stopped and watched as the dirigible made its way across the sky.


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