Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Rittsdale Mall was completely without power and therefore pitch black, yet I continued to shop there.  Everybody in town did.  That was Rittsdale’s mystique.  Their prices were pretty low, too.  I guess if you’re not paying to light or heat the place, businesses can charge the bare minimum and still turn a profit.  And they had the greatest stores.  A Spiffy’s, an Excalibur Records, kiosks with everything from novelty ties to saddle soap, one of those D.I.Y. clothing stores, a Goliath’s and a food court with just about any restaurant you’d ever heard of.


The last time I was there I accidentally took a woman’s basket of “cold fries” from Frigid’s.  It’s not like a I meant to do it or anything.  It was an accident.  I mean, how often has that happened in a food court with no electricity?  It was innocent enough.  But from that point on, I saw how easy it was to steal whatever I wanted, as long as I was aware of the locations of the infra-red cameras.



The honor system does not work.





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