Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I guess the happiest thing I’ve seen in a long while is Pete in his barber shop, laughing it up with another fat man – a customer – who sits in Pete’s barber chair awaiting a haircut.  These two men in their 50’s are almost in tears and it causes a smile to race across my face.  Two portly men sharing a joke so powerful that it makes it impossible for the transaction to take place on this below zero night.  Their bodies shake, and they glance at each other’s hysterical faces in the mirror, causing them to guffaw even more.


With this simple image that I see through the window as I wait for the light change, it makes me realize that no matter how bad life is, seeing it from whichever angle, there has to be hope out there as long as two fat men can laugh so hard in a corner barber shop.   



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