Friday, February 22, 2008


That nigga’ there was Stovetop.


What’s with that outfit?  What was he, a mortician or something?


Naw, man, this was the early 80’s.  If you weren’t a Rasta or some Jheri-curl faggot, you were a Rude Boy.  Got that name from how he used to cook up his heroin.


Who’s that?


Nancy Peese.  Called herself Piece ‘cause she was the only girl in the group.  That there was her boy, Henk.




Yeah.  He was the muscle.  Went by Low.  Didn’t have sense God gave a goose, but that fuck could roll, man.


Why’d you call him Low?


Loved Bowie, man.  Especially his Eno period.  And there was no way I was calling him Hero or Lodger, so . . . ‘Kay, standing next to Low was Gerkin.


Looks like a fucking douche bag.


Don’t be hard on him for his looks, man.  So, he didn’t bathe a lot.  So, he liked that punk rock shit.  Don’t judge a book.  Hella’ back-up.


Well, that leaves you.  I thought you said there was six of you.


Here.  Look at the picture again.


Okay.  Alright, I don’t see anything.


Look close, man.  Real close.  See anything in-between one of these guys’ arms, behind us?


Whoa!  I didn’t notice that!  Who’s that?


That’s Boozoo.  Well, his eye anyway.


What was up with that shit?


Didn’t like having his picture took.  Far as I know, the only ones that exist are his mug shots.


So, what do I do with all this new information?  You want me to track down all these guys or something?


No.  All these fuckers are dead.  ‘Cept for me and Boozoo.


Wait.  This is all you got for me?  I’m supposed to track this dumb fuck with only a picture of his fucking eye?


You said you were good, man.  That’s all.


Well, I’ll tell you one thing, given all this shit you’re giving me.


What’s that?


You look like the gay brother of the guitarist from Gene Love Jezebel in this picture.



Noted.  Just find Boozoo.  And make sure he’s dead before I get to him.



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