Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Gunner – Whatever happened to the other guy in Wham?

Fab – George Michael?

Gunner – No, the OTHER guy in Wham.

Fab – There was ANOTHER guy in Wham?

Gunner – Yeah!  The dark-haired guy?

Fab – Oh!  See, I thought that was just his boyfriend.

Gunner – Why would George Michael put his boyfriend on every album cover and in every  video if he wasn’t in Wham?

Fab – Look, I know what you’re insinuating and I’m not gay.  It made sense at the time, that’s all.  A gay man’s mind is a complete mystery to me.

Gunner – He was even playing guitar in the video for “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.!”

Fab – Not very convincingly, if you ask me.

Gunner – So, George Michael just called HIMSELF Wham.

Fab – Sure, I’d buy that.

Gunner – Why would he do that?

Fab – Why did “Frankie Say Relax?”  Why did people wear parachute pants?  Why did that song “Too Shy, Shy” make me want to punch things?  These are unanswerable questions!

Gunner – Oh!  Andrew Ridgely!

Fab – Huh?

Gunner – The other guy in Wham.  Andrew Ridgely.

Fab – Oh!  Sucking dick in a bus station for money!

Gunner – What?  What are you saying?

Fab – That’s what the other guy in Wham is doing these days.  That’s what happened to him. 

Gunner – Jesus, you’re a class act.



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