Wednesday, April 9, 2008

After the Break

"Coming up after the break, Tennis Ninjas. Why this black clad fad is
sweeping the nation," Dan said.

"Ok, We're into commercial," the Floor manager called from the dark.

"What the hell are Tennis Ninjas? What is this crap? Are we really
this far back in the pack that we have to make crap up that wouldn't
even make the Weekend Report on SNL?"

"Sir," the floor manager said from his dark corner, "This is a real
story. We ha…"

"Sure like that report we had a few nights ago about elephants that
got loose from the circus and were juggling clowns that were on fire?
The live truck got there and made us all look like asses!"

"Sir, we had it on good authority that they were juggling fire
clowns, but the fire marshal beat us there. He made them stop."

"Do you know we are the punch line of every local news joke in town?
Even channel 11 makes fun of us!"

"Channel 11, aren't they the station with the Hooter's Girls
Cheerleader squad that does the weather?"

"Yes, as well as that damn talking gorilla."

"Sir, the gorilla can't talk. It uses sign language."

"I don't CARE! They still make fun of us!"

"Sir, we are on in Three, Two,"

"We are back." Dan's professionalism is back in a flash and he
continues, "Tennis Ninjas are sweeping the nation. They swoop in on a
game in progress knocking the tennis ball out of the court and
disappear in a puff of smoke. We have staged a game at a local high
school to hopefully catch this elusive event. Paul can we go to the
live feed?"


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