Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Suzanne (135)

While she waited, he sliced the bagel.
it was an everything, covered with various seeds. he spread aioli on it, sliced tomatos, provolone cheese, then popped it into the toaster.
they made small talk as they waited. he stood at just the right spot so he could see the theigh that was revealled when she crossed her soft and pale middle aged legs.
she wasn't wearing his favorite shoes today, the ones that looks like ballet slippers and tied with ribbon halfway up her calf- but he wasn't dissapointed in what he got, either.
when the toaster dinged, he placed her afternoon snack in a bag and gave it to her.
he watched as she made her way along the blvd. as she walked out of view, he thought about how no one probably lusted after her the way he did.
he wondered if she'd be flattered to know this.


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