Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Lion King(137)

I had sex with his sister. it wasn't sweet at all. she was quite dirty, or that is, she got dirty when i did. I don't believe that she was aware there was any other way. i trained her, and i did it harshly. there is a chance i've ruined her for other men, there is a chance that when she meets a guy that wants to make "sweet love' she won't be able to handle it. she won't be able to get her head around the act without the slapping and the yelling. she may laugh at him for going so slow or so softly.
she'll fume if her ass is ignored.
still, at the end of the day, everyone ruins someone.
that's the circle of life.
at least, that's what i took from the movie.
perhaps i should see it again.


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