Thursday, April 10, 2008


The P.O.W.R / T.O.C.H design is just the prototype.  It’s the farthest we’ve gotten without the standard glitches.  Mid-grade weapons system without the Defense Department mark-up.  Nobody’s building $1,000 hammers around this compound.

             Primary Ordinance.  Now, that’s in keeping with that antiquated law they passed nearly 100 years ago, back when stuff like this wasn’t even a gleam or some sci-fi movie pitch.  Check your law books.  It’s in there.  Primary Ordinance 7070 passed through Congress via Truman.  That guy was always looking forward.

            Working Robotics.  ‘Nuff said?

            Tech Ox.  Fifteenth in the series.  First one to be fully functional according to specs.  Started with Tech Aardvark, then Tech Bull, Tech Cobra, all the way up to Tech Ox.  Military always had a fudged-up way of naming stuff.  Stupid codenames and such.

            And finally, Computer Hardware.  Again, ‘nuff said.

This little meany doesn’t blow up houses, it blows up city blocks.  I suppose if we kept at it, Tech Zebra would be able to take out entire continents or half of the Western Hemisphere.  Thank God somebody up the chain was satisfied with this one.  For now. 

 Once we get you strapped in, you’ll be fully mobile.  It’s featherweight armor, so hopefully it’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.  The faceplate’s got more than enough sat-com info to brief you.  Most of this thing’s functionality is auto-driven.  You’ll simply be along for the ride for most of it.

Oh, here.  Sign this and you’ll be free to go.  And by the way, we never met.  That’s not an introduction, that’s a warning.



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