Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ridiculous Connotations

Ridiculous Connotations

Yes, that is my name. Most people call me RC for short. My mom said
she named me that because my dad went around saying, "That's what she
said." After every little thing anyone else said. She said he would
even do it when it didn't even make sense. He would also say, "Your
mom," fill in the blank. Your mom wears underwear. Your mom likes
pickles. Just anything that he could stick your mom in front of he
would do it.
It all ended the night he pulled a your mom line on a guy who had two
guys for parents, and one was a tranny. Allegedly, he said, "Your mom
has a penis." He thought it would be funny, and there was no way that
could be true. It was true for that guy. He shot dad in the parking
lot a few hours later. I never knew my dad, but Mom made sure I knew
not to repeat his mistakes.


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