Sunday, April 13, 2008



This is the place where you come to die.  It’s full of the walking dead.  Most citizens of Fernside aren’t even aware that they’re dead.  They still go through the daily routine – selling papers, stacking shelves, short-changing the other dead – never fully alive. 

This was the town founded by the worst people in the world.  This was where the writers from “According to Jim,” DMV workers, performance artists, fans of Dane Cook, the screenwriter of “Glitter,” the talent scout who discovered Interpol, filmmaker Gus Van Sant, the bass player from The Eagles, Disney stockholders, Steven Hawking, the inventor of Intellevision and finally David Sedaris held court. 

Fernside is the ultimate haunted fun park.  A place that only the most hideous monsters that Hell ever produced could dream up.  A place where these horrible bottom-feeders could blend into within the camouflage of the dead.




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