Thursday, April 10, 2008


DJ Muthafuckin' Pope was the best in the buiseness, period.
whenever he did a show, it was packed.
whenever he released a mixtape, niggas lined up for blocks to cop one.
he was primed to become the next big thing in music.
the problem was, he refused to change his stage name.
as creative and revolutionary as he was, the world was not ready to buy albums by an artist that called himself the Muthafuckin' Pope.
David Geffen pleaded with the kid to change his name, but he wouldn't do it.
Sony offered him a 1.5 million signing bonus to consider calling himself DJ M.P., but he refused.
eventuallym the offers dried up and Muthafuckin' Pope remained underground. other tried to steal his sound, but they were all just sad copies.
the Muthafuckin' pops influence can stiil be heard today in the Golden Girls theme song as well as the theme to Scrubs.
The Muthafuckin' Pope lives on!


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