Monday, May 5, 2008


Time for a little behind the scenes. I get asked, "Pete where do you
get your wacky story ideas?"

At this point, I usually laugh and slap my knee. Sometimes I place a
comforting hand on their shoulder and say, "None of your business."
There are usually stares and occasionally a nervous glance around the
room, at which point I would laugh and say, "Oh, you know Pete can't
keep his secrets to himself."

I would then gather them around, and tell them all my wondrous
stories of magic elves and unicorns visiting me. They bring me story
nuggets that I keep in my coat pocket until they are ready to hatch.
Story nuggets one day grow up to be real stories.

The kids ooh and ahh. I get a kick out of it and everybody is happy.
That is until they realize I had an associate of mine steal their


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