Monday, May 5, 2008


Sorry, fellas.  I just don’t hear a single on this record.  Now, I know this is your sophomore effort and all, but the first album had two, maybe three to choose from at least.  This one, though.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a great album.  And it’s not my job to infringe on your whatever.  Your creativity.  It’s my job to get a single outta’ you guys.  But I just don’t hear one.  Sorry.  And I know what you’re gonna’ say, trust me.  The best bands in the world have come in and out of this label.  I mean, The Tchotchkes for instance.  All they had was singles.  They put out singles without trying.  And the one time I came in and told ‘em I didn’t hear a single, they fucking freaked.  “We built this label,” they said.  “If there ain’t a single, there ain’t a single!  We don’t need singles anymore!”  Well, you know where The Tchotchkes are now?  Nowhere.  They’re history.  Ancient history.  But I don’t wanna’ have that happen to you guys.  So, please.  For me and for the label.  Hell, for yourselves.  Go back in there and record a single.



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