Saturday, May 3, 2008

FILM 101

Scowl at the crew, but be nice to the talent.  Crew you can get more of.  If you piss off the talent, chances are you’ve already burned film with their likenesses on it, so, short of using body doubles or footage that should be on the cutting room floor, make sure you keep them happy.  Good craft services go a long way. 

Shoot fast.  You have to bring a film in on time and on budget.  The 46th day of a 45 day shoot is unacceptable.  Even if you’re not happy with the dailies, you’ll be happier if the studio isn’t breathing down your neck.  Also, shooting fast requires less haircuts for talent.

Leave the audience wanting more.  Pose questions, but never answer them all.

Don’t shoot in snow.  Unless you’re shooting in some place like Alaska or Minnesota, where it’s prevalent and, more importantly, the audience’s perceptions of that place equals snow.

Kill your baby.  No matter how important a shot is, it can be sacrificed.  No one will know but you.

And lastly, don’t be an asshole.  Hollywood embraces assholes, but only the ‘known’ assholes.

“What Do You Want, A Sandwich?” is the film that needs, NAY, must be made.  It’s the 21st century’s answer to “The Big Chill.”  Anybody who tells you that this film’s unimportant is your enemy.

Don’t let the pricks get you down.



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