Thursday, May 1, 2008


The Gas Castle filling station exploded behind us as the sky opened up hard sheets of rain.  That’s how our day ended.  The only memory of that day was the explosion, the rain and a tin of Look-See sardines that was probably a result of the blast.  That’s it.  Oh, and a guy we’ve been calling Coony ever since.  He showed up almost immediately, ranting about how he was running as fast as he could to warn us.  Wore a silver haz-mat suit and one of those ear-flap caps.  Said he was from the future.  Fucking batshit.  We tried walking away from him but he tailed us all the way to Bottom Dollar.  He told us our future life stories over seven rounds of Caucasians.  Said Hicks would wind up saving the world when some planet called Asaria-10 invaded.  Told me I’d be killed in the first wave trying to save some kid from them, which would eventually grow up to be Coony.


I asked him whether telling us our futures would jeopardize the timeline.  He looked at me like he’d never even thought of this paradox.  But he was so fucking hammered who knows if any of it’s even true.


I don’t plan on saving any kids anytime soon.   



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