Thursday, May 1, 2008

morning tv boat show man (112)

(suggested listening: How Insensitive by Sting)

hey! Don't i know you?

I don't know.

have i seen you on TV?


Oh snap! Your the morning TV boat show man!

Yeah. hey.

Man! i saw you on TV this morning! You're a star!

Stop it.

Seriously, how often are you on?

Once a week.

and you just talk about...

Boat shows, yeah.

man, morning TV boat show man, you must get to go to a lot of boat shows.

actually, no. i don't.


nah, i don't talk about boat shows I've been to. i just give educated guesses on whether or not you should go to any upcoming boat shows.

oh. i see.


They don't send you to any boat shows, huh?

Nope. if i go to any boat shows, i have to pay for them out of my own pocket. and I'm not really in a place where i can do that right now.


yeah. I'm sort of like the jimmy the Greek of boat shows. i just predict, that's all.

well, i think you're doing a great job, morning TV boat show man.

thank you. thanks for watching.

you're welcome.

can i take your order now?


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