Saturday, May 3, 2008

Legend (110)

towards the end of the street, near the rundown house, there was a path. it lead deep into the woods. everyone knew about the path, yet no one used it. there were the random occasions due to high school bets where someone would attempt to walk that dark, narrow way into the woods, but fear will always get the best of them.
the legend is that before the house burned, there was a family that lived there. people have taken to calling them the House family. there was a mommy and a daddy and a little girl.
apparently, the little girl didn't come out right.
she was deformed and a bit sick in the head. the Houses had attempted to let her become a part of regular school, but the girl was too disruptive to the class. students always stared at her and were always distracted by her loud breathing.
they made fun of her constantly and forced her to play alone at recess.
this is when Mrs. house swore that her girl would never leave the house again.
so, as things things often go, it became customary to go up to the house to try and sneak a peak at the deformed girl. so many people made their way to do this that it wore a path in the woods near the house.
they say that a couple kids went down that path one day and sat in the woods behind the house waiting ans watching for their chance to see the girl- but she appeared behind them and chopped them up with an ax. this is when the family quickly moved under cover of night.
even today, there are still people that say they remember the girl when she came to school that one week 20 years ago.
the truth is, there was a girl but she wasn't deformed. in fat, she was pretty average. and boys would walk into the woods behind her house and wait for her to undress in her window.
one day, her dad caught a couple of the Home schooled kids having a circle jerk in the woods, and he packed up his family and left.
so, that's what happened.


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