Thursday, May 29, 2008

I got my ticket!~(85)

"how is this going to work?", he asked and stepped towards the front of the group.
"well, we'll take volunteers and those brave men will go"
it seems stupid to me" another voice chimes from the group.
"there is no reason we can't just find fredom right here!"
"we can just do with what we have for now" another voice said
"There is no freedom here!" I said, and looked around the crowd.
"how many of you are prepared to continue to work for nothing? work yoou fingers to the bone and watch your fellow man and your children die inthose fields?"
"There is only one anser. and you know what it is!"
I turned towards my wife and our baby and walked towards the ship.
"I'm fixin' to go to mars! Any of you niggas with me?"

J'mel davidson presents Denzel Washington in "Black Mission to Mars"


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