Sunday, July 27, 2008


Callousness.  That’s what it is.  Sheer callousness.  We’re not calling the man evil.  We’re not even calling him a bad man.  It’s callousness, plain and simple.  His way with people, you see?  I mean, can’t any of you see that?  If the Committee nominates him as team leader, you might as well say good-bye to this team as it is.  That’s all we’re saying.


Okay, does anybody else feel the same as the Lurker?  Anyone?  We have a nomination on the floor, people.  If no one else can give due cause why Red Razor isn’t fit to take over as team leader, well, then the motion carries.  Anyone?  Going once?  Going twice.  Fine, then.  Let it be here noted that as of this hour, Red Razor is the new team leader of the Freedom Committee.  Now, onto other business.


Well, thanks a fucking lot, you Goddamned cowards!  We just ushered in Hitler into this place!  We all talked about this!  Every last one of you bitched and moaned about this bastard!  All of you coming to me for advise or moping about how shitty the guy was to you!  ‘Oh, Lurker, how do we get Razor out of here?’ ‘Oh, Lurker, he’s awful!’ Well, fuck all of you bozos!  I’m walking!  ‘Cause evidently I’m the only smart one left!


Lurker, please!  Sit down.  It’s officially been decided.  Let’s not make too big a thing out of this.


Fuck you, Harold!  I’m joining the Army of Evil.  At least they know how to get things done!



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