Monday, August 18, 2008

They saved Dracula's Brain! (7)

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!
Gotdammit, Johnson, what's going on out there!?
Sheriff! The town, it's completely overrun with- call me insane- vampires!

You're not insame, and they'tr not just vampires.
Who are you?
I'm professor VanHelsing, and I've dealt with this before- though not to this magnitude.
Cut the ballon juice, Prof., and tell us something we can use!
well, it seems that someone was cloned the master of the night, Dracula- and they are overrunning the town!

Let's assume for a second that I believe in vampires, and thet they are led by the baddest fucking bloodsucking fucker that ever lived- who would clone that fucker, and why?

the army. they thought that they could control an undead army through manipulation and weapons, but all that they have done is damn us all. Dracula is stronger, deadlier, and more insane than they ever imagined- and now there is an army of him!

So, what do we do, VanHelsing? you seem to know so much!

Well, i do have an idea...and it's so dangerous, and insanely pyrotechnic that it just might work!

to be continued...


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