Saturday, August 25, 2007

You know I got Soul

Hogarth woke to find his girlfriend lapping at his belly button. He didn’t ask her why, he just lay back and enjoyed what he thought was about to become a nice bit of morning sex.

It did not.

As soon as she had began, she was done and running into the bathroom.

Hogarth noticed a clear, slightly foul liquid leaking from his belly button. This concerned him for two reasons.

Reason one was that he didn’t think that his belly button was actually connected to anything. He could not figure out where the liquid was coming from.

Reason two was worse, because it immediately became clear to him that his girlfriend was intentionally licking this strange, septic smelling drainage from his stomach.

He walked over to the bathroom door to listen or Helen. He couldn’t hear any sound coming from inside, so he tried the door.

The door wasn’t locked, and Helen was not inside.

Hogarth stood and stared at the open window she had climbed from.

He figured that it would probably be a good idea to try and find her, but he began to feel really weak.

Hours later, when he regained consciousness, he was horrified to find someone else, a strangely familiar man, sipping from his seeping bellybutton.

Hogarth couldn’t speak, he could barely move.

When the person realized that Hogarth was awake, he looked up and made eye contact.

This concerned Hogarth for all the obvious reasons and one very disturbing one- one that was more disturbing that all the others…

The person looked very familiar, very much like Hogarth himself. As a matter of fact, the person was like a mirror image of Hogarth.

But as Hogarth looked at the person, barely able to move, and completely unable to scream, he saw something in the strange doppelgangers eyes:

It was Helen. He was sure of it.

The Helen clone of Hogarth wiped her mouth, and swallowed deeply.

She smiled up at him as he lay there in terror.

“We’ll all be you soon.” Helen said, just as there was a knock on the door.



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