Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Askrrigth (293)

Askrrigth, Alabama was not a place that you found on a map. Very few people knew of its existence until they came upon it, and then they never left. Askrrigth couldn’t be found unless it wanted to be- unless it was hungry for new citizens. Askrrigth couldn’t be found unless, son how, you knew to look for it.

It had the appeal of an old fashioned town, a nice old place full of nice old things. There was a main street, and a small park in the center of town. The mayor knew everyone’s name and everyone helped everyone else bring in the crops.

The men were all big and strong, and the girls were all pretty, smart, and fun to talk to. The children were all sweet and courteous- except for some that weren’t.

Hogarth arrived at noon and started to look for anything, anyone who could tell him about his brother Randall.


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