Monday, December 31, 2007

The closest i'll ever come to poetry (234)

She loved ren fairs.
she had lots of cats.
she loved Star Trek.
i should have ran, but her cleavage was impossibly sweet.
She always had an excuse to slip into a corset and take photos of herself.
she put them all on flickr.
there were sets of her in and out of corsets, and sets of her nipples from every angle.
Classically, she was not really attractive but her attitude made her sexy.
soon, i was brought into her amateur online photography sessions.
i was embarrassed at first, but my face didn't appear in any of the pictures, so i got over it quickly.
slowly but surely, we began to get crazier in the pictures. people added us as contacts with great frequency. before i knew it, i was somewhat of an online celebrity without even trying and without ever showing my face.
one night while we were relaxing with a ST:TNG episode featuring the Borg, she told me that some people she'd met online wanted to meet and take pictures with us.
the deal was the same: there was to be no shots of my face and i wouldn't have to do much more than just stand there and snap the pictures.
all i had to do was point the camera and snap the pictures of her, the guest star girl and my on privates being serviced.
now, honestly, why would i ever think to turn this down?
free sex with many random semi-attractive women and all i had to do was document it all and put the proof online.
i agreed, and two weeks later she arrived. i was surprised by the fact that I actually knew the girl. I'd tried unsuccessfully to flirt with her when i'd worked at the same bookstore as her 16 years ago. and now here she was, willing and somewhat excited to take me in her mouth and show the world.
I could tell that she recognized me but we both decided in a brief moment of telepathy not to mention it. we greeted each other as strangers as my girlfriend retrieved wine from the kitchen. after many glasses and some small talk, the activities slowly began. to get warmed up, i started to kiss my girlfriend, then my girlfriend kissed the guest star girl.
in an arrangement set up by my girl earlier, i was not allowed to kiss the guest star girl. this was the only thing i wasn't allowed, though.
so for three hours we fucked, snapped photos, fucked, and snapped photos.
i came so hard that my legs cramped up, and i think i blacked out for a moment. for a few minutes, i couldn't move, and we had to end the session.
It was the closest I'll ever come to poetry. when it was all over, we both thanked her and she left.
my girl promptly put the photos online that night.
The comments immediately started to pour in.
they were the most popular we'd ever taken.
A month later, i bumped into the guest star girl at a coffee shop.
we talked about what we'd been up to since working together all those years ago. we never talked about the photo shoot.
we both wanted to bring it up, i guess, but we didn't know how to or where it would go from there.
after talking for about an hour, she left to pick up her kids from school.
when i got home my girl told me about the newest girl that wanted to shoot with us.
i looked over her photos and agreed.
i didn't know her.


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