Monday, December 31, 2007


Shagul-Nanthu was the name that Gary gave his imaginary friend. He’d had him since he was five, at which point Shagul-Nanthu was just called Tim. As time went on, Tim began telling Gary to do things. Destructive things. Not at all uncommon for a growing boy with destructive urges. But by the time Gary hit high school, Tim had transformed into Shagul-Nanthu, telling Gary in a dream that he preferred to be called by his extra-dimensional, demonic name. Gary obliged and Shagul got him into all sorts of trouble throughout his high school years. Suspension for fighting, arson on school property and temporary expulsion for bringing a gun to school. Gary’s life took an odd turn when Shagul-Nanthu told him to apply to business school one day. Gary was a fucking natural. By the time he was 30, he’s made his millions, married a Playmate and was already planning his retirement. Shagul appeared to him less and less over the years. The last appearance of Shagul was when he told Gary to give away all of his money and shoot his Playmate with the antique rifle he’s purchased at a recent auction. Gary debated long and hard about his, but ultimately shot himself in the head to keep Shagul from giving him any more advice. His suicide note simply read, "I miss Tim."



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