Sunday, December 30, 2007

fuck you Luigi (235)

the point is,
if someone heard you yell
"Damn it, i don't know how to kill this baby!"
they would probobly get the wrong idea immediately.
they probably wouldn't take the time to find out
what you were yelling about, either.
they'd just jump to the conclusion that you
were having difficulty killing a baby.
a human baby.
when the cops showed up and didn't find a
baby near, they'd start to ask all sorts of questions.
then you'd have to explain what all your yelling was
you'd have to tell them that the reason you were yelling
was probably worse than what they thought...
way worse.
worse than killing a baby.
a human baby.
man, that would have to be a bad thing, huh-
pretty bad to be worse than killing a baby.
then again, you could always lie...


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