Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ladder up. 

We stormed the Cinnamon Forest with every bit of firepower we had.  Our platoon had been whittled down while we tried to take Candy Cane Bridge.  Jurgenson drowned in the Molasses River, dragged down by his own gear and the only radio we had.  We lost Scanlon and Dumas somewhere in the Lollipop Fields. Battered and sugar-frosted, we headed into the place that scared us the most.  Cinnamon Forest was so unbelievably dark in the thick of it.  Couldn’t see a foot in front of use without infra-red.  The trees constantly shed a thick haze of powder, and the air was deliciously sweet.  It clogged the lungs of Cagley, our point man, who was so addicted to the taste that he was still licking the air as he suffocated.  We bundled up as Kindall took point. 

There were monsters in that Cinnamon Forest.  None that would be describable by me or Orenstein or Thaxter or any of the other guys who made it out.  Just monsters is all.  The cutest, most horrifyingly, sticky sweet this world could possibly dream up.  All smiles and puffy fur and claws. 

We took down as many as we could before setting charges at the base of Gumdrop Hill.  We lost a lot of good men at that hill.  Simonds, the rookie.  Captain Gardner.  Ooley, the loose cannon.  All gone, and for what?  One miserable piece of candy-coated real estate.

War is Hell.  Chewy, chocolaty Hell. 



Blogger Adam said...

I remember whipping you ass at Candy Land but I didn't know it would do this to you.

May 7, 2008 at 4:58 AM  

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