Thursday, August 21, 2008

Merlock (4)

Doc Merlock, Necrosis, The Dutchess, Sin Simian, The Surgeon- each a twisted version of the same man from different worlds.
The plan was as simple as it was insane: they'd destroy world after world, reserving one as a hell that they'd bannish the people that refused to worship them to, and the last, Earth Prime, would be a Heaven remade in their image.

They began on Earth Three, where they already had a member of their strange family implanted in that worlds greatest super team, Riot Act. Once recruited, Sin Simian began a killing spree that was soon joined by the other members of the Merlock. Earth Three was an earth inhabited by both man and intelligent ape. Simian used his mind control powers to turn the apes into an unstoppable beast army.

The Merlock swept from earth to earth, doing battle with each worlds champions, and ultimately besting them all-
Until Earth Prime...


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