Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday (0)

did i do it? i know i skipped some.
i know i missed some numbers here and there.
there were real reasons- but there were no excuses.
it doesn't matter.
what matters is that it's another Sunday night. i spent the weekend being creative, feeling at the top of the world- living off the fumes of the art.
and now its Sunday night again, the worst night of the week. the night that i have to prepare myself for the day job. Sunday is when the creativity ends. Sunday night is when i realize that the things I've done to escape the toil of the unfulfilled have a shelf life of 48 hours.

it doesn't have to end, though.

eventually the creator finishes the world he has been building, and the denizens that he created take on a life of their own.
they may or may not know that he exists. they may or may not believe in him if they do. but he is there.
they came from somewhere...

and they live on, in the universe of the memories of the people that have allowed them into their brains. the universes grow, maybe, or cease to exist.

the worlds splinter. the creations die. the worlds live on. the creations wait patiently for instruction.

but, nothing is really that deep, is it? everything dies. and eventually, Sunday night will arrive again and the process will continue.

I mean hell-

there's always monday...