Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hollywood, 1940

Too many Frankensteins to count. that's the only way i can describe the thrilling climax at the observatory. more Frankensteins than have ever been in one picture, and they are all trying to kill this one guy!

are Any of them from the future?

nope. all the Frankensteins are from the present.



i don't know. it just seems a bit-


I just don't know if audiences are ready for multiple Frankensteins.

are you shitting me? are you now made of shit? Audiences would sell their souls to see a screen full o' Frankensteins! Bob, this has never been done before, not in the history of motion pictures, but we can do it! Universal studios can do it! Now, what do you say?

hmmm. i say get a shovel! We got Frankensteins to build!


EPILOGUE: They went to jail.


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